Over the years, Sandy Hill has been home to a number of writers and poets who have achieved national renown in either French or English. Well-known writers, such as Daniel Poliquin, can still be found living in the neighbourhood.

Antoine Gérin-Lajoie

1824 – 1882   A French Canadian poet and author, Gérin-Lajoie is best remembered for having penned the lyrics of Un Canadien errant, a song about the exiled Patriotes of the 1837 Rebellion, and Jean... Read More

Benjamin Sulte

1841 – 1923   The most prolific writer of his generation, Sulte was a poet, novelist but mostly an historian who authored an eight-volume history of French Canadians and an estimated 3500 articles on a... Read More

Marie-Rose Turcot

1887-1977   Turcot is remembered as one of Ontario’s most prominent francophone writers, the author of a novel, poems and several collections of short stories, and was a pioneer in collecting and publishing Franco-Ontarian folk... Read More

Agnes Scott

1863 – 1927 A journalist, Scott wrote about turn of the century Ottawa society under various pseudonyms. Sandra Gwynn relied extensively on Scott’s reporting in writing The Private Capital. Agnes Scott was the daughter of... Read More

Elizabeth Smart

1913 – 1986 Elizabeth Smart is the author of the highly acclaimed novel of “prose poetry” By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept published in London in 1945. Born and raised in Ottawa,... Read More

Séraphin Marion

1896-1983 A vocal defender of francophone rights outside Quebec, Marion is best known for his research on French Canadian literature. Marion grew up at 113 College St., now the corner of Louis-Pasteur Pvt. and Marie-Curie... Read More

Fulgence Charpentier
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1897 – 2001    A man of many talents and uncommon energy, Fulgence Charpentier was described as a living encyclopedia of the 20th C. Charpentier was born in 1897 in Sainte-Anne-de-Prescott, in eastern Ontario, and... Read More

Archibald Lampman

1861-18 99   Lampman is considered one of the finest exponents of the Canadian school of nature poetry. He died at age 37 of pneumonia. In a “Night of Storm”, a sonnet written in 1887,... Read More