Over the years, Sandy Hill attracted a wide variety of residents who were already or would become famous, including scientists, athletes, architects and war heroes. Several of them are featured below.

Eva Gauthier

1885 – 1958 Gauthier was a rare classically-trained Canadian singer to achieve international fame in the early 20th C. She adapted her wide vocal range to sing opera, folk songs and jazz. Eva Gauthier was... Read More

Sir Sandford Fleming

1827-1915   Fleming was a true polymath although he finished his formal schooling at the age of 14. He was in turn a surveyor, a lithographer, a map-maker and an engineer. He was also a... Read More

Alexander S. Woodburn

1830 -1904   Born in Ireland, Alexander “Alex” Smith Woodburn was a prominent Ottawa businessman and philanthropist and the founder of the Ottawa Journal.    Between 1898 and 1904, Woodburn lived at 46 Henderson Ave. ... Read More

George Penrose Woollcombe

1867 – 1951 An educator and clergyman with uncommon vision and energy, Woollcombe founded Ashbury College and directed it for its first 42 years. Ashbury today is recognized as one of the finest private schools... Read More

Werner Noffke

1878 – 1964 Noffke has been described as one of Ottawa’s most influential and prolific architects, designing over 200 buildings in and around Ottawa (he built several more further afield). An observer wrote that “one... Read More

Francis C. Sullivan
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1882 – 1929 A student and later associate of famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Sullivan introduced the modernist Prairie School of architecture to Canada. An architect of undoubted talent and energy, Sullivan’s career was... Read More

Lois Frances Booth

1897-1941 Lois Booth was the daughter of John Frederick Booth and grand-daughter of legendary John Rudolphus Booth. J. R. Booth was a Canadian lumber king and railroad baron who also had several other commercial interests.... Read More

William (Billy) Avery Bishop

Billy Bishop was Canada’s top flying ace of the First World War, and was officially credited with 72 victories. He was the first Canadian airman to receive the Victoria Cross, as well as several other... Read More

Emma Woikin

When Igor Gouzenko defected from the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa in September 1945, Emma Woikin was one of the 22 Canadians he named as spies. Woikin was the first to plead guilty, the first to... Read More

Barbara Ann Scott

1928-2012   In 1948, 19 year-old Barbara Ann Scott won Canada’s first-ever gold medal in singles figure skating at the Olympics in St Moritz (Switzerland). Scott received the Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s athlete of... Read More

Malak Karsh

1915-2001   Malak Karsh was an internationally-known photographer.   Karsh and his wife Barbara lived at 292 Laurier Ave. E. (corner of Russell Ave.)  for five years between 1980 and 1985. While Karsh’s older brother... Read More

Sources (Other Notable Individuals)

Other notable individuals Bélanger, G (2012). Alphonse Desjardins 1854 – 1920 (Septentrion) Birkhans, Martin (1964). The life and Work of Francis C. Sullivan, Architect 1882-1929. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of... Read More