Some individuals lived at more than one address in Sandy Hill. Only one is listed here.

Prime Ministers
Sir John A. Macdonald 395 Laurier Ave. E.
Sir Charles Tupper 274 Daly Ave.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier 335 Laurier Ave. E.
Sir Robert Borden 201 Wurtemberg St.
William Lyon Mackenzie King 335 Laurier Ave. E.
John Diefenbaker 404 Laurier Ave. E.
Lester Pearson 245 Augusta St.
Pierre Trudeau 593 Besserer St.
John Turner 434 Daly Ave.
Paul Martin 274 Daly Ave.
Fathers of Confederation
Sir Alexander Campbell 108 Daly Ave.
Sir Alexander Galt 63 Daly Ave.
John Hamilton Gray Daly Ave. and Friel St.
William McDougall 149 Daly Ave.
Sir Leonard Tilley Patterson Place, Daly Ave.
Other politicians
Sir Richard Scott 274 Daly Ave.
Sir Frederick Borden 395 Laurier Ave. E.
Napoléon Belcourt

Cairine Wilson

27 Goulburn

192 Daly Ave.

Ernest Lapointe 324 Chapel St.
Tommy Douglas 404 Laurier Ave. E.
Ed Broadbent 450 Laurier Ave. E.
Louis-Théodore Besserer 149 Daly Ave.
Sir Henry Bate 216 Chapel St.
Alphonse Desjardins 192 Laurier Ave. E.,
James Woods 323 Chapel St.
John Mather 453 Laurier Ave. E.
George Goodwin 312 Laurier Ave. E.
Andrew Fleck 500 Wilbrod St.
Sam Berger 404 Laurier Ave. E.
Bertram Loeb 340 Chapel St.
Archibald Lampman 375 Daly Ave.
Antoine Gérin-Lajoie 300 Wilbrod St.
Agnes Scott

Benjamin Sulte

47 Daly

304 Wilbrod St.

Marie-Rose Turcot 400 Cumberland St.
Séraphin Marion 113 College St.
Elizabeth Smart 361 Daly Ave.
Lillian Freiman 158 Nicholas St.
Almanda Marchand 54 Range Rd.
Samuel Genest 252 Wilbrod St.
Civil servants
Charles Panet 189 Laurier Ave. E.
John Courtney 245 Laurier Ave. E.
John McGee 185 Daly Ave.
Sir Lyman Duff 488 Wilbrod St.
John Graham 74 Laurier Ave. E.
Other notable individuals
Sir Sandford Fleming 213 Chapel St.
Alexander Woodburn 46 Henderson St.
George Woollcombe 194 Cobourg St.
Werner Noffke 209 Wilbrod St.
Francis Sullivan 346 Somerset St. E.
Lois Booth 285 Charlotte St.
Billy Bishop 5 Blackburn St.
Eva Gauthier

Emma Woikin

50 Sweetland

357 Chapel St

Malak Karsh 292 Laurier Ave. E.
Barbara Ann Scott 648 Rideau St.
Places of historical interestRideau Canal
Strathcona Park
University of Ottawa
Examination Unit 345 Laurier Ave. E.
St Alban’s Church 454 King Edward Ave.
All Saints Church 317 Chapel St.
Australia House 407 Wilbrod St.
Philomène Terrace 363 to 383 Daly Ave.