Health facilities

A little over one hundred years ago, the area around the intersection of Rideau St. and Wurtemburg Ave. was Ottawa’s main hospital precinct[1]:

  • The Carleton County Protestant Hospital first established in 1851 still stands at the corner of Rideau and Charlotte as “Wallis House” and is now a condominium;
  • The Lady Stanley Institute for Trained Nurses (1891-1924) on Rideau St. on the east side of Wurtemburg (see photo below) trained 379 nurses in its 33 years;
  • Its associated Maternity Hospital (1894) stood beside it;
  • The Children’s Hospital (1888-1905) was located just north of Prime Minister’s Borden house and is now the home of the Turkish Embassy;
  • Up to 1879, the Grey Nun’s Fever Hospital had also stood nearby, on Cobourg Street before it was replaced by the Isolation Hospital and moved in 1902 to the South of Strathcona Park where the current Sandringham Apartments now are.

[1] In addition, there was another hospital in the western part of Sandy Hill at 121 – 123 Daly Ave., the Salvation Army’s Grace Hospital (1904).

Lady Stanley Institute, 633 Rideau St., N.E. corner of Rideau and Wurtemburg Streets Ottawa, Feb., 1892. Gallery: Topley Series E @ LAC (topley-1) Item #: 52 of 301
The Maternity Hospital, 635 Rideau St., which stood beside Lady Stanley Institute, as it looked in 1924. City of Ottawa Archives, MG 110-CGPH 03 CA018217