Volunteer Needed To Help Name The New Footbridge

Update September 12th:  A volunteer has stepped forward who will join Denis Forget of the ASH board on the bridge naming committee!


The City has been running a commemorative naming process for the future footbridge at Donald and Somerset Streets. The submission period has ended and a short list has been created based on established criteria. The City is currently vetting the list for potential duplications and issues with any names brought forward. As part of the naming process, a final selection committee will be formed, which will include the following members:

  • A member of the Overbrook Community Association
  • A member of Action Sandy Hill (Sandy Hill’s Community Association)
  • One community representative selected by each Community Association

ASH has selected a board member to represent us on the selection committee and is looking for interested residents to volunteer to be the community representative. If you are interested, please let us know by September 18 (extended from August 31) by writing to info@ash-acs.ca with the subject line “Pedestrian Bridge Commemorative Naming”.