A brief overview of transportation issues which are of potential interest to residents of Sandy Hill and where to go for more information. Comments or questions on any of the issues can be directed to transportation@ash-acs.ca.

More details:

Overview of Transportation Issues Specific to Sandy Hill

Overview of Transportation Issues with Implications to Sandy Hill


Action Sandy Hill participates as a member in the City Centre Coalition (CCC). The CCC consists of 13 different downtown citizen’s groups and focuses on supporting community-oriented transportation planning that emphasizes walking, cycling, and transit. The CCC opposes road construction and expansion intended to accommodate peak-hour car demand particularly for projects within the greenbelt or which are intended to increase the peak hour capacity leading to the urban core. Such roads only induce environmentally and community-destructive car use. The CCC maintains a website which is an excellent resource for tracking ongoing transportation planning reports and activities in the City and providing a record of ongoing CCC activities.

John Verbaas – June 2016


Other Useful Transportation Links
  1. City of Ottawa Transportation Web page
  2. Ottawa Transportation Master Plan
  3. Ottawa Cycling Plan
  4. Downtown Truck Problem Public Advocacy Site
  5. City Centre Coalition (Downtown Groups Focused on Transportation Issues)
  6. Citizens for Safe Cycling (Public Advocacy Group for Cycling in Ottawa)
  7. Transport Action – Public Interest Lobby Group in Canada on Sustainable Transportation


Last Updated: 28-Sept-2016