It’s time for positive development in Sandy Hill and in all Ottawa’s neighbourhoods. If candidates want our votes, they need to take the pledge

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The Pledge

I recognize the importance of healthy, beautiful and sustainable neighbourhoods that make everyone in Ottawa proud. I pledge to work with community associations and organizations, City staff, and Council to develop the tools and processes necessary to Plan, Preserve, and Enforce! That means:

  • I promise to promote human-scale development in Ottawa’s neighbourhoods that serves the priorities of the people who live there (as defined by them); is compatible with their existing architectural and cultural heritage; and only permits growth and renewal in keeping with the above;
  • I promise to revive, protect, and sustain the diverse architectural and cultural heritage of Ottawa’s neighbourhoods;
  • I promise to dedicate adequate resources for enforcing property standards and bylaws.


Il faut promouvoir un développement sain pour la Côte-de-Sable ainsi que dans l’ensemble de la ville d’Ottawa. Si les candidats veulent nos votes, ils doivent prendre cet engagement

Cet Engagement

Je reconnais l’importance de quartiers sains, beaux et durables qui font la fierté de tous à Ottawa. Je m’engage à travailler avec les associations et organisations communautaires, le personnel de la Ville et le Conseil pour développer les outils et les processus nécessaires pour planifier, préserver et faire respecter les lois! Cela signifie:

  • Je promets de promouvoir le développement à l’échelle humaine dans les quartiers d’Ottawa qui prend en compte les priorités des personnes qui y vivent (telles qu’elles sont définies); est compatible avec le patrimoine architectural et culturel existant; et ne permet que la croissance et le renouvellement conformément à ce qui précède;
  • Je promets de faire revivre, protéger et préserver le patrimoine architectural et culturel diversifié des quartiers d’Ottawa;
  • Je promets de consacrer des ressources adéquates à l’application des normes et des règlements relatifs à la propriété.



The Action Sandy Hill Save Sandy Hill Campaign is contacting the candidates for municipal office in the upcoming 2018 election and asked them take the pledge. We are posting their responses below as we receive them, scroll down or click the appropriate link to find where your candidate stands. If you want to get in touch with a candidate their contact details are listed here:



How The Candidates Stand On The Pledge

Click the links below to jump to your ward.

Mayor Ward 6 – Stittsville Ward 12 – Rideau-Vanier Ward 18 – Alta Vista
Ward 1 – Orléans Ward 7 – Bay Ward 13 – Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward 19 – Cumberland
Ward 2 – Innes Ward 8 – College Ward 14 – Somerset Ward 20 – Osgoode
Ward 3 – Barrhaven Ward 9 – Knoxdale-Merivale Ward 15 – Kitchissippi Ward 21 – Rideau-Goulbourn
Ward 4 – Kanata North Ward 10 – Gloucester-Southgate Ward 16 – River Ward 22 – Gloucester-South Nepean
Ward 5 – West Carleton-March Ward 11 – Beacon Hill-Cyrville Ward 17 – Capital Ward 23 – Kanata South


Updated 23 October 2018 to show elected candidates (Results from CBC reporting, unofficial until final ballot counts are verified by The City of Ottawa).

Running for: Candidate: Response:


Hamid Alakozai
Mayor Ahmed Bouragba Absolutely yes! Absolument oui.

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Mayor Bernard Couchman
Mayor Clive Doucet

Clive is absolutely behind this pledge.

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Mayor Joey Drouin …full support…

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Mayor Ryan Lythall
Mayor Craig MacAulay

When I move back [to Sandy Hill]

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Mayor Bruce McConville I shall proudly take that pledge!!

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Mayor Michael Pastien


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Mayor Moises Schachtler
Mayor James T. Sheahan
Mayor Jim Watson ELECTED

Ward 1 – Orléans

Rick Bédard
Ward 1 – Orléans Toby Bossert
Ward 1 – Orléans Mireille Brownhill
Ward 1 – Orléans Guy Desroches

J’accepte votre invitation

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Ward 1 – Orléans Diego Elizondo
Ward 1 – Orléans Dina Epale
Ward 1 – Orléans Doug Feltmate
Ward 1 – Orléans Jarrod Goldsmith
Ward 1 – Orléans Miranda Gray

Human scale neighbourhoods with a sense of their own history are a key thread in the fabric of a vital livable city.

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Ward 1 – Orléans Geoffrey Nicholas Griplas
Ward 1 – Orléans Catherine Kitts I take the pledge, 100 per cent!

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Ward 1 – Orléans Shannon Kramer
Ward 1 – Orléans Matthew Luloff


I accept your pledge

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Ward 1 – Orléans Qamar Masood
Ward 1 – Orléans Louise Soyez I will not campaign as a municipal councillor

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Ward 1 – Orléans Kevin Tetreault
Ward 1 – Orléans Don Yetman …the community needs to be consulted…

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Ward 2 – Innes

Laura Dudas ELECTED
Ward 2 – Innes Donna Leith-Gudbranson
Ward 2 – Innes Tammy Lynch
Ward 2 – Innes François Trépanier

Ward 3 – Barrhaven

Franklin Epape
Ward 3 – Barrhaven Jan Harder ELECTED
Ward 3 – Barrhaven Ahmad Malgarai
Ward 3 – Barrhaven Atiq Qureshi
Ward 3 – Barrhaven Hadi Wess

Ward 4 – Kanata North

Philip Bloedow I take your pledge.

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Ward 4 – Kanata North David Gourlay
Ward 4 – Kanata North Matt Muirhead
Ward 4 – Kanata North Lorne Neufeldt
Ward 4 – Kanata North Jenna Sudds ELECTED

Ward 5 – West Carleton-March

Eli El-Chantiry ELECTED
Ward 5 – West Carleton-March James Parsons
Ward 5 – West Carleton-March Judi Varga-Toth

I am glad you are fighting to keep historic neighbourhoods safe from uncontrolled development. 

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Ward 6 – Stittsville

Glen Gower ELECTED
Ward 6 – Stittsville Shad Qadri

Ward 7 – Bay

Erica Dath
Ward 7 – Bay Don Dransfield
Ward 7 – Bay Theresa Kavanagh ELECTED
Ward 7 – Bay Marc Lugert
Ward 7 – Bay Trevor Robinson

Ward 8 – College

Rick Chiarelli ELECTED
Ward 8 – College Emilie Coyle I absolutely support this pledge

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Ward 8 – College Ryan Kennery I’m pleased to support this initiative.

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Ward 9 – Knoxdale-Merivale

Warren Arshinoff
Ward 9 – Knoxdale-Merivale James Dean
Ward 9 – Knoxdale-Merivale Keith Egli ELECTED
Ward 9 – Knoxdale-Merivale Luigi Mangone

I, Luigi Mangone accept the pledge.

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Ward 9 – Knoxdale-Merivale Peter Anthony Weber

Ward 10 – Gloucester-Southgate

Diane Deans ELECTED
Ward 10 – Gloucester-Southgate Alek Golijanin
Ward 10 – Gloucester-Southgate Perry Sabourin
Ward 10 – Gloucester-Southgate Sam Soucy
Ward 10 – Gloucester-Southgate Robert Swaita

Ward 11 – Beacon Hill-Cyrville

Michael Schurter
Ward 11 – Beacon Hill-Cyrville Tim Tierney ELECTED

Ward 12 – Rideau-Vanier

Salar Changiz
Ward 12 – Rideau-Vanier Mathieu Fleury


I, Mathieu Fleury, will be accepting your invitation to take the pledge.

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Ward 12 – Rideau-Vanier Thierry Harris I, Thierry Harris, accept the pledge!

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Ward 12 – Rideau-Vanier Matt Lowe

Ward 13 – Rideau-Rockcliffe

Peter Heyck
Ward 13 – Rideau-Rockcliffe Tobi Nussbaum


Tobi is pleased to support the pledge

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Ward 14 – Somerset

Arthur David
Ward 14 – Somerset Jerry Kovacs
Ward 14 – Somerset Catherine McKenney ELECTED
Ward 14 – Somerset Merdod Zopyrus

Ward 15 – Kitchissippi

Jeff Leiper ELECTED
Ward 15 – Kitchissippi Daniel Stringer

I so pledge

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Ward 16 – River

Riley Brockington ELECTED
Ward 16 – River Fabien Kalala Cimankinda
Ward 16 – River Kerri Keith
Ward 16 – River Hassib Reda

Ward 17 – Capital

Jide Afolabi

I am proposing a community-driven Counter-Variance By-Law

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Ward 17 – Capital Anthony Carricato You can count on me

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Ward 17 – Capital David Chernushenko I wholeheartedly take the pledge.

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Ward 17 – Capital Christine McAllister I am willing to sign

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Ward 17 – Capital Shawn Menard


I take the pledge

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Ward 18 – Alta Vista

Jean Cloutier ELECTED
Ward 18 – Alta Vista Clinton Cowan
Ward 18 – Alta Vista Kevin Kit
Ward 18 – Alta Vista Raylene Lang-Dion
Ward 18 – Alta Vista Mike McHarg
Ward 18 – Alta Vista John Redins

Ward 19 – Cumberland

Stephen Blais ELECTED
Ward 19 – Cumberland Jensen Boire
Ward 19 – Cumberland Cameron Rose Jette

I 100% support this pledge.

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Ward 20 – Osgoode

Auguste Banfalvi
Ward 20 – Osgoode George Darouze ELECTED
Ward 20 – Osgoode Mark Scharfe
Ward 20 – Osgoode Kim Sheldrick

I volunteer in the Sandy Hill area weekly and see the potential

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Ward 20 – Osgoode Jay Tysick

Ward 21 – Rideau-Goulbourn

David Brown
Ward 21 – Rideau-Goulbourn Scott Moffatt ELECTED

Ward 22 – Gloucester-South Nepean

Zaff Ansari
Ward 22 – Gloucester-South Nepean Carol Anne Meehan


I happily take the pledge

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Ward 22 – Gloucester-South Nepean Irene Mei
Ward 22 – Gloucester-South Nepean Michael Qaqish
Ward 22 – Gloucester-South Nepean Harpreet Singh

Ward 23 – Kanata South

Steve Anderson
Ward 23 – Kanata South Mike Brown
Ward 23 – Kanata South Allan Hubley ELECTED
Ward 23 – Kanata South Doug Large