Napoléon-Antoine Belcourt

1860 – 1932  A lawyer and politician, Belcourt was an ardent defender of French Canadian rights who spearheaded the legal fight against Regulation 17 in Ontario. Belcourt lived at several addresses in Sandy Hill during his long stay in Ottawa. … Read More

Ed Broadbent

(1936 – ) Ed Broadbent was the leader of the New Democratic Party between 1975 and 1989.   Broadbent lived with his wife Lucille at 450 Laurier Ave. E. between 1980 and 1992, leading the federal New Democratic Party for … Read More

Thomas (“Tommy”) Clement Douglas

Thomas (“Tommy”) Clement Douglas 1904-1986   A preacher, a former premier of Saskatchewan (1944-1961), the father of Canadian medicare, Douglas was leader of the New Democratic Party between August 1961 and April 1971. He is also remembered for his vigorous … Read More

Ernest Lapointe

Ernest Lapointe 1876-1941   Lapointe helped King win the Liberal leadership in 1919 and subsequently served in several portfolios in King’s cabinets. He advocated successfully for greater Canadian autonomy within the British empire, promoted bilingualism in government and worked to … Read More

Hon. Cairine Wilson

Hon. Cairine Wilson 1885-1962   Wilson (née Mackay) was Canada’s first female senator. She was the first woman to chair a Senate Standing Committee, presiding over the Public Works and Grounds Committee from 1930 to 1947. She went on to chair … Read More

Sir Frederick Borden

Sir Frederick Borden 1847 – 1917 A medical doctor, successful businessman, politician and philanthropist, Borden served as minister of militia and defense for 15 years in the Laurier government.   Borden was first elected to the House of Commons in … Read More

Sir Richard William Scott

Sir Richard William Scott 1825-1913   A former mayor of Bytown, Scott was elected in 1857 to the provincial legislature and gave much of his time to promoting Ottawa as Canada’s future capital. Six cities were then in the running … Read More