John Hamilton Gray

1814-1889   Two Fathers of Confederation were named John Hamilton Gray, one from Prince Edward Island, the other from New Brunswick. It is the latter one who lived briefly in Sandy Hill. During his career, John Hamilton Gray was a … Read More

Sir Leonard Tilley

Sir Leonard Tilley 1818-1896   Tilley was an early advocate of colonial union and became a Father of Confederation representing New Brunswick. Inspired by a passage in the Bible, Tilley is credited for having come up with the term “Dominion” … Read More

William McDougall

McDougall was a Father of Confederation from Canada West (Ontario). Because he had changed political allegiance, McDougall was colloquially known as “Wandering Willie”. McDougall lived at two addresses in Sandy Hill:  between 1866 and 1870,  at Besserer House, corner of … Read More

Sir Alexander T. Galt

Sir Alexander T. Galt 1817-1893   Born in Scotland, Galt was bright, highly educated and athletic (he once ran 36 miles in six hours on a dare) but also temperamental (Macdonald described him as “unstable as water”). He became a … Read More

Sir Alexander Campbell

Sir Alexander Campbell 1822-1892   Campbell was a Father of Confederation from Canada West. Appointed to the Senate in 1867, he was Canada’s first Postmaster General (an important source of patronage at the time) and held several portfolios in Conservative … Read More