Sources (Activists)

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Sources (Writers)

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Sources (Businessmen)

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Sources (Other Political Figures)

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Sources (Fathers of Confederation)

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Sources (Prime Ministers)

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John Hamilton Gray

1814-1889   Two Fathers of Confederation were named John Hamilton Gray, one from Prince Edward Island, the other from New Brunswick. It is the latter one who lived briefly in Sandy Hill. During his career, John Hamilton Gray was a … Read More

Napoléon-Antoine Belcourt

1860 – 1932  A lawyer and politician, Belcourt was an ardent defender of French Canadian rights who spearheaded the legal fight against Regulation 17 in Ontario. Belcourt lived at several addresses in Sandy Hill during his long stay in Ottawa. … Read More

John Graham

1867 – 1921 Born in Ottawa on July 1, 1867, the day Confederation came into effect, John William Graham lived at 74 Laurier Ave. E, next door to the fire station (which has since moved). Shortly after Ottawa created its … Read More

Sir Lyman Duff

Duff served as a member of the Supreme Court of Canada for a record 38 years, 11 of them as Chief Justice. He retired at age 79, having had his term as Chief Justice extended twice.   Duff rented a … Read More

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