New Committee to Address Sandy Hill Concerns, Pilot Project to Engage Residents, University And Students

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The constant problem of noise, garbage, parking and poor property standards in Sandy Hill made residents finally say enough is enough. Christopher Collmorgen, president of Action Sandy Hill, said the community association began to investigate what happens in university neighbourhoods in other cities to shed light on some best practices currently in use.

Crime Concerns in Sandy Hill

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According to the OPS, the number of robberies in the Rideau-Vanier municipal ward—of which Sandy Hill is a part—has dropped from 131 incidents in 2007 to 103 incidents in 2008. Over the same two years, the number of assaults has also significantly decreased, from 720 to 605. Although the 2010 statistics have yet to be released, the OPS has emphasized that the numbers are continuing to decline.

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